Pacific Chem conference

Dear Taiwan Biophysics Society Members:

You are encouraged to participate in the symposium on “Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics - Recent Advances in NMR (#43)” during the PacificChem 2010 conference to be held in Hawaii, Honolulu on December 15-20, 2010. There is a good possibility that all students and postdoctoral fellows participating in this symposium will receive a US$200 support from the symposium organizers (Angela Gronenborn/ Mitsuhiko Ikura | Weontae Lee | Raymond Norton | Ichio Shimada | Tai-Huang Huang). If you plan to register or have already registered for this symposium (Not other symposia of PacificChem2010) please let me know ASAP, You can check out the following website for more details.

Tai-huang Huang,
Biophysical Society of ROC