Warm Welcome
 It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 4th East Asian Biophysics Symposium (4th EABS), to be held in the Grand Hotel on November 3-6, 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan. The Symposium is mainly sponsored by the Biophysics Society of Taiwan and the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica.

 Four countries in East Asia organized EABS including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The past symposia have been well attended by the local biological and biophysical scientific communities. This time we would like to facilitate more cross talks among pan-Asian countries by inviting researchers not only from the original founding countries, but also other pan-Asian countries such as Australia and India.

 Furthermore, another purpose of the symposium is to expose the scientific community in Taiwan to recent advances in the field of biophysical research. Toward this purpose, we have invited 9 plenary lecturers and 54 invited speakers to share their science with us, and to covey to us, particularly students and junior scholars with aspirations in the biological, chemical and physical sciences, the intellectual excitement and scientific significance of the corresponding areas. We are especially pleased to have outstanding pioneers such as Profs. Lubert Stryer (Standford Univ.), Andrej Sali (Rockefeller Univ.) and James Prestegard (Univ. of Georgia) to further cultivate the inspiring atmosphere. We feel that biophysics is likely to have a great impact on the development of biotechnology in the near future. This Symposium would thus be an ideal way to usher in this cutting edge, particularly with the kind of hope and anticipation we are expecting from our science.

 In addition to this most stimulating scientific venture, you will certainly enjoy your stay in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, which is full of vigor, vitality and multiculturalism. Recognized as the city's landmark and well known for its spectacular palace of traditional Chinese style, the symposium place, Grand Hotel, overlooks Taipei City and is surrounded by verdant mountains and sparkling rivers. Finally, we truly express our hearty welcome by ensuring the warmest hospitality.

 I look forward to seeing you at the Symposium.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew H.-J. Wang Ph.D.
Organizing Committee of the 4th EABS
President, the Biophysics Society of Taiwan

Chun-Hung Lin Ph.D.
Organizing Committee of the 4th EABS
Secretary-general, the Biophysics Society of Taiwan

Organized by
The Biophysics Society of Taiwan
East Asian Biophysics Symposium Steering Committee

Organizing Committee
Honorary Chairman: Yuan-Tseh Lee (Taiwan)
Chairman: Andrew H. J. Wang (Taiwan)
Secretary General: Chun-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
Co-Secretary General: Amy Fan, Shu-Hwa Kao (Taiwan)


Samuel H. H. Chan (Taiwan) Tse-Wen Chang (Taiwan)
Yung-E Earm (Korea) Shinichi Ishiwata (Japan)
Sa-Ouk Kang (Korea) Takao Kodama (Japan)
Chin-Ok Lee (Korea) Camay Lim (Taiwan)
Sheng-Hsien Lin (Taiwan) Kuniaki Nagayama (Japan)
Kang-Cheng Ruan (China) Jun-Xian Shen (China)
Dae-Yong Uhm (Korea) Toshio Yanagida (Japan)
Wen-Guey Wu (Taiwan) Hanna S. Yuan (Taiwan)
Nan-Ming Zhao (China) Zhuan Zhou (China)

Scientific Committee
Honorary Chairman: Sunney I. Chan (Taiwan)


Chwan-Deng Hsiao (Taiwan) Tai-Huang Huang (Taiwan)
Jenn-Kang Hwang (Taiwan) Lou-Sing Kan (Taiwan)
Hae Won Kim (Korea) Ping-Chiang Lyu (Taiwan)
Kuniaki Nagayama (Japan) Xun Shen (China)
Masahiro Sokabe (Japan) Zhi-Xin Wang (China)
Myeong-Hee Yu (Korea) Chin Yu (Taiwan)

Symposium Secretariats
Dr.Chun-Hung Lin and Ms. Amy Fan
Secretary General of the Organizing Committee
The Fourth East Asian Biophysics Symposium
Institute of Biological Chemistry
Academia Sinica
Tel: +886-2-2789-9800 , ext:6010 or 1013
Fax: +886-2-2788-9759
E-mail: biophys@gate.sinica.edu.tw