Tour Information

Free Tour (2:00 ~ 5:00 P.M., November 5, 2003)

Schedule  : Tour of the National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院

Cost         : Free of charge

Culture Tour (November 7, Friday)

8:00 am -   8:30 am                       Pick up at hotel

9:30 am - 10:45 am                       Yeh-Liu Scenic Area
(Yeh-Liu is the most remarkable of all Taiwan’s northern coast areas.  The park is formed by a promontory that stretches 1,700 meters into the sea and contains a bewildering variety of rock formations.  Erosion has revealed different types of rock that have been embedded in strata and have been shaped by wind and waves.  From the end of promontory one can get a truly spectacular view of Taiwan’s northern coast.  There are plenty of oddly shaped rocks, fossil remains, and veins of colored minerals to satisfy the most fastidious tourist.)

11:05 am - 2:00 pm                       Ju Ming Art Museum
(Located amongst tress and hills, Ju-Ming Museum houses all the creative works by Ju Ming. From the construction phase of the museum, Mr. Ju insisted that the museum had to be funded by him only and that he would be responsible for all the details and construction himself.  Originally the building and area were intended to only house all his works, but later he found that unique setting of the natural surroundings could enhance the artistic perception and appreciation of his sculptures. After 12 years of effort, the whole area has been transformed into a museum.  Ju Ming Art Museum, recorded in the Taiwan art history, was opened to the public.  The place is the first museum in Taiwan with such a broad outdoor exhibition, which enables visitors to look at Mr. Ju’s works at a very close distance.  Visitors to the museum can enjoy the works and feel the heartbeat of the Mother Nature at the same time.  Only such a setting and broad area can bring out the essence and spirit of Mr. Ju’s works.)

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm                         Ying-Ge Ceramics Museum and Old street

(Ying-Ge was named for a bird-shaped stone near the town.  The small town is famous for its 200 years of ceramic techniques and folk culture in Taiwan.  The museum is made up with modern constructing materials and transparent glasses, presenting a limitless sense of space and beauty of simplicity.  The place not only exhibits traditional pottery and porcelains, but also presents the history and features of Taiwanese pottery works.  In addition, an experimental pottery area is available to play freely with clay and understand how the pottery and porcelain are formed.  The original old street has been renovated and paved with beautiful rocks.  There are over 100 stores on the street.  Some have their own workshops and artists.  Each shop has its own characteristics and the pottery works are exquisite and refined.

7:00 pm                                            Return to Taipei