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4th EABS: Invitation and Call for Abstract Submission and Poster Communications

(Authors: Times New Roman font, 10 pts) Andrew H. Wang1*, Jane Dole2 and John Dole

(Affiliation: Italic, 10 pts) 1Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Nan-Kang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan and 2National Taiwan University, Taiwan

(Address: Italic, 10 pts) No.128 Academia Road Section 2, Nan-Kang, Taipei, 11529, Taiwan


(The content of abstract. Single space. Please don’t exceed half of page)  It gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 4th East Asian Biophysics Symposium (4th EABS), which will be held on May 20-23, 2003, at the Academia Sinica, Taipei. The topics for the 4th Symposium are: (1) Structural Biophysics; (2) Cell &Membrane Biophysics; (3)Neurobiophysics & Cell Motility; (4) Biophysical Technology; (5) Computational Biophysics; (6) Imaging & Single Molecules. In addition to the invited lectures, all participants are invited to present their research in Poster form. Abstracts should be submitted as E-mail attachment files (MS Word RTF and PDF) to the Secretariat. A sample Abstract can be downloaded from the website and used as the template for preparing the Abstract. Authors are required to select up to 2 (in priority sequence) out of the 6 symposium topics which best reflect the theme of their work.  Posters will be allocated a space of 90 cm wide by 150 cm high; mounted posters will be on display at the same venue throughout the symposium.

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