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May 22 14:30 – 16:30 Poster Mounting
  19:00 – 21:00 Poster Session
May 23 19:00 – 21:00 Poster Session
May 25 11:00 – 12:30 Selected Student Poster Presentation
  12:30 – 13:30 Poster Dismounting


Structural Biology


P01    Ya-Hui Chi, Thallampuranam Krishnaswamy S. Kumar and Chin Yu

Investigation of the Structural Stability of the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor by Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange


P02    S. Srisailam, A. I. Arunkumar, T. K. S. Kumar, Kathir, K. M. and Chin Yu

Solution Structure of nFGF-1-SOS complex and comparison of stability with hFGF-1


P03    D.Rajalingam, S.Srisailam, H.M. Wang, T.K.S.Kumar, V.Sivaraja and Chin Yu

Amyloid-like Fibril Formation in an all b-Barrel Protein Involves the Formation of Partially Structured Intermediate(s)


P04    Thiagarajan Srimathi, Thallampuranam Krishnaswamy S. Kumar and Chin Yu

Characterization of the Structure and Dynamics of a Near-Native Equilibrium Intermediate in the Unfolding Pathway of an All b-Barrel Protein


P05    Kuo-Wei Hung and Chin Yu

Towards Determination of the Three-Dimensional Structure of the D2 Domain of the Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor


P06    Chu-Chi Yang and Chin Yu

Investigation of the Interaction of GroEL with the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor


P07    H. M. Wang, T.K.S. Kumar and C. Yu

Characterization of a pH-Induced Thermal Intermediate of hFGF-1 and It’s Interaction with GroEL


P08    K. M. Kathir, T. K. S. Kumar, S. Srisailam, D. Rajalingam and Chin Yu

Folding Fatigue of b-Barrel Protein


P09    P. S. T. Leena, T. K. S. Kumar and Chin Yu

Elucidation of the three dimensional structure of the chromo-3 sub-domain of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle


P10    Sivaraja. V and Chin Yu

Determination of the three dimensional structure of a mutant of the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor


P11    An-Ni Chang and Chin Yu

Determination of the Solution Structure of Chrmo2 Domain of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle Using Multi-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy


P12    Sheng-Hua Tsai and Chin Yu

Effect of GroEL on the Refolding Kinetics of the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor (hFGF-1)


P13    Hui-Chu, Hsieh, T.K.S. Kumar, Chin Yu

Investigation of the Unfolding Pathway of a Manganese Superoxide dismutase isolated Vibrio alginolyticus


P14    Ko-Hsin Chin, Shan-Ho Chou

Looped-Out and Perpendicular: Deformation of Watson-Crick Base Pair Associated with Actinomycin D Binding


P15    Hui-Ting Chou, Chi-Fon Chang and Tai-Huang Huang

Milli-Microsecond Dynamics of the Lipoyl Acid-Bearing Domain of the E2 Component of Human Mitochondrial Branched-Chain Alpha-Ketoacid Dehydrogenase Deduced from TROSY-CPMG Relaxation Experiments


P16    C. W. Wu, W. N. Huang, S. F. Cheng, V. D. Trivedi, B. Veeramuthu, Assen B. Kantchev, R. Karthikeyan, H. J. Huang, C. J. Chen, W. G. Wu, and D. K. Chang

Effects of Alterations of the Amino-terminal Glycine of Influenza Hemagglutinin Fusion Peptide on Its Structure, Organization and Membrane Interactions


P17    Iren Wang, Tsun-Ai Yu, Shih-Hsiung Wu, Wen-Chang Chang, Chinpan Chen

Structural study of a porcine sperm motility inhibitor (b-Microseminoprotein)


P18    Chun-Hua Hsu, Yun-Ru Pan, Lih-Woan Chen, Tung-Liang Lee, You-Di Liao, Shih-siung Wu, Chinpan Chen

Biophysical Studies of Cytotoxic Ribonucleases from Rana catesbeiana


P19    Tuan-Nan Wen, Jui-Lin Chen, Shu-Hua Lee, Ning-Sun Yang, and Lie-Fen Shyur

A truncated Fibrobactor succinogenes 1,3-1,4-b-D-glucanase with improved enzymatic activity and thermo-stability


P20    Yuan-Chao Lou, Jiun-Ming Wu, and Jya-Wei Cheng

Events of Folding and Dynamics of the BTK SH3 Domain


P21    Annie P.-C. Chen, Yi-Hung Chen, Chao-Tsen Chen, Andrew H.-J. Wang, and Po-Huang Liang

Probing the Conformational Change of E. coli Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase during Catalysis Using an Inhibitor and Tryptophan Mutants


P22    Chi-Hung Lin, Jui-Yoa Chang and Ping-Chiang Lyu

Folding pathway of Rice Non-Specific Lipid Transfer Protein 1 (rice nsLTP1) -- oxidative folding, reductive unfolding and the scramble approaches


P23    N.W. Hsiao, D. Samuel, Y.N. Liu, C.S. Cheng, L.C. Chen, T.Y. Yang, Y.C. Hu, G. Jayaraman and P.C. Lyu

Investigation of DNA Sequence Recognition Mechanism of the Zebra Fish SOX9 HMG-box Domain


P24    Dharmaraj Samuel; Yaw-Jen Lyu; Chao-Sheng Cheng; Ping-Chiang Lyu

Solution Conformation of Non-Specific Lipid Transfer Protein-2 from Rice (Oyrza Sativa)


P25    Y.J. Liu, D. Samuel, C.S. Cheng, C.H. Lin and P.C. Lyu

Characterization and Solution Structure of non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein-2 from Rice (Oryza sativa)


P26    Hsiu-An Chu, Richard J. Debus and Gerald T. Babcock

FTIR difference spectroscopy of the oxygen-evolving complex in Photosystem II


P27    Jiun-Ming Wu, Huey-Jen Fang, Yen-Chywan Liaw, Faik N. Musayve, and Hueih Min Chen

Local Stability of Staphylococcal Nuclease


P28    Fu-Cheng Liang, Pei-Yeh R. Chen, Der-Lii M. Tzou, Ying-Ying Chen, Shu-Hua Chien, Chun-Cheng Lin, Yin-Ting Chang and Sunney I. Chan

Glycosylation of an α-helical hairpin peptide: A model system for studying the possible role of glycosylation in signal transduction


P29    Tian-Huey Lu, Golam Mostafa, Jack Cheng, Chen-chung Yang

Crystallization of Cardiotoxin III from the Taiwan Cobra (Naja naja atra)


P30    Yung-Chang Peng, Yu-Jen Chen, Shih-Jen Chen, Ta-Hsien Lin, Jye-Chian Hsiao, Wen Chang, and Der-Lii M. Tzou

NMR and CD Structural Analysis of the Extracellular Domain of Vaccinia Virus Envelope Protein, A27L.


P31    Yu-Yu Tseng , Ming-Cai Wei and Lou-Sing Kan

The NMR Study of a Triplex structure with Pyrimidine fold


P32    Ming-Sung Cheng1,2, Ya-Chi Su1,2, Chia-Ching Chang3, and Lou-Sing Kan1,2

Restoration of Structures of Growth Hormones


P33    Yi-Sheng Cheng , Kuo-Chiang Hsia, Lyudmila G. Doudeva, and Hanna S. Yuan

The crystal structure of the nuclease domain of colicin E7 suggests a mechanism for binding to double-stranded DNA by the HNH endonucleases


P34    Chia-Lung Li, Wei-Zeng Yang, Zee-Fen Chang, Lien-I Ho , and Hanna S. Yuan

The Crystal Structure of Vibrio Vulnificus Nuclease: A Novel Structure with an Old Active Site


P35    Li-Chu Tsai, Lie-Fen Shyur, Sui-Hwa Lee, and Hanna S. Yuan

Crystal structure of the 1,3-1,4-b-D-glucanase from Fibrobacter succinogenes


P36    Po-Tsang Huang; Yen-Chywan Liaw; Yu-Shuan Shiau; Kuo-Long Lou

Molecular Determinants of the Hanatoxin Binding in Voltage-Gated K+-Channel drk1.


P37    Chih-Yung Hu1, Shwu-Huey Liaw1,2,3, Ji-Wang Chen4, and Ding-Shinn Chen5

Rational Drug Designs Based on Crystal Structures of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Helicase-Inhibitor complexes


P38    Shen-Jia Chen, Shwu-Huey Liaw, Cheng-Sheng Hsu, Ying-Chieh Tsai, Andrew H.-J. Wangand Ding-Shinn Chen

Crystal structure of D-aminoacylase defines a novel subset of amidohydrolases


P39    Yi-Feng Hung, Tun-Hsun Kuo, Po-Huang Liang, and Andrew H.-J. Wang

The crystallization of octaprenyl-pyrophosphate synthase (OPPs) from hyperthermophile Thermotoga maritime


P40    Kai-Fa Huang, Shyh-Horng Chiou, Tzu-Ping Ko, Jeu-Ming Yuann and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Crystal structures of a snake venom metalloproteinase TM-3 and its bound form of endogenous peptidic inhibitors:
Implications for the design of tumor necrosis factor a-convertase inhibitor


P41    Tzu-Ping Ko, Howard Robinson, Yi-Gui Gao, Chi-Hing C. Cheng, Arthur L. DeVries and Andrew H.-J. Wang

The Refined Crystal Structure of a Type III Antifreeze Protein RD1 at 0.62 Å Resolution Reveals Structural Microheterogeneity of Protein and Solvation


P42    Min-Feng Hsu , Chen-Ling Yang , and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Structure Analysis and Protein Engineering of RD1, a Type III Antifreeze Protein


P43    Chia-Cheng Chou, Jeu-Ming Yuann, Ser-Wei Wu, Ting-Wan Lin, Chin-Yu Chen and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Structural proteomics of DNA-binding proteins from hyperthermophilic Sulfolobus solfatarius and Thermotoga maritima


P44    Chin-Yu Chen, Ting-Wan Lin, Chia-Cheng Chou, Tzu-Ping Ko and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Probing the DNA kink structure induced by the hyperthermophilic chromosomal protein Sac7d using site-directed mutagenesis and x-ray crystallography


Genomics & Proteomics


P45    Yan-Ping Shih, Wen-Mei Kung, Jui-Chuan Chen, Chia-Hui Yeh,, Andrew H.-J. Wang and Ting-Fang Wang

High-Throughput Screening of Soluble Recombinant Proteins


P46    Yu-Heng Tseng, Yu-Ju Chen, Hsin-Kai Liao, Huang-Chou Chen, Steve S.-F. Yu, Sunney I. Chan

Characterization of Particulate Methane Monooxygenase from Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath) by mass spectrometry-based proteomic approach


Bioinformatic & Computational Biophysics


P47    Shiuh-Chaun Wang (王旭川) and Ping-Chiang Lyu (呂平江)

Gene annotation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris


P48    Pei-Yu Lu, Nai-Wan Hsiao, Jenn-Kang Hwang and Ping-Chiang Lyu

Correlation between Tm value of protein and its dipeptides


P49    David Chang & Jenn-Kang Hwang

Pattern Recognition Assay that is precISE (Bio-PRAISE): Method to Detect Similar Local 3D Structure of Proteins


P50    C.S. Cheng, T.S. Wang, and P.C. Lyu

Docking studies on the structure-function relationships of Lipid transfer proteins from Rice (Oryza Sativa)


P51    Allen Chuang, Chun-Yin Chen & Jenn-Kang Hwang

Construction and classification of Protein SS bond database


P52    Wan-Tien Chiang, Szu-Hsien Lu, Leslie Y.Y. Chen, and Ming-Jing Hwang

Mapping and Clustering Human ESTs with a Genome Positioning System


P53    Yu-Ming Lee, Lei-Mei Cheng and Ying-Chieh Sun*

Examination of Stability and Folding of b-sheet Protein/peptide Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation


New Methods


P54    Jen-Tse Huang, Pei-Yeh R. Chen, Howard Jan, Chung-Tien Lee, Wun-Shain Fann, Shin-Liang Chen, Randy W. Larsen, Tien-Yau Luh, Hsian-Rong Tseng, Joern Wirsch, Sunney I. Chan

A New Method to Study the Early Kinetic Events in Protein Folding: Laser Flash Photolysis of Caged Peptides




P55    Jiahn-Haur Liao, Jiahn-Shing Lee, and Shyh-Horng Chiou

Structural and Functional Differences Between Porcine Native a, aA- and aB-Crystallins: Distinct Roles of aA- and aB-Crystallins under Thermal and UV Stresses


P56    Chang-Li Chen, Huang-Chou Chen, Shyue-chu Ke, Steve S.-F. Yu, Sunney I. Chan

Preparation and Charaction of a (Cu, Zn)-pMMO from Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath)


P57    Hong-Wen Huang, Tsung-Mei Chin and Lou-sing Kan

Hairpin Type Triple Helix Formation by 5’-d-(AG)nT4(CT)n and 5’-d-(TC)n (n = 2-5) as a Function of Stem Length


P58    Ming-Tao Lee and Fang-Yu Chen

Insertion of Melittin Antimicrobial Peptides into Membranes


P59    Chian New Chua, Meng-Shiou Lee, Su-Yuan Lai, and Min-Ying Wang

Self-Assembly of the Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Capsid Protein, erVP2, Expressed in E. coli and Purification of Chimeric erVP2H Particles by Immobilized Metal-Ion Affinity Chromatography


P60    Meng-Shiou Lee, Shyue-Ru Doong, Ji-Yi Ho, Su-yuan Lai, and Min-Ying Wang

Chromatographic analysis of the Particle Assembly of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Precursor Structural Protein VPX and Its Truncated Mutants


P61    Chuan Chen

Study of Folding Characteristics of Amino Acids Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations


P62    Chuan Chen

Rheology Study of Decane Molecule Mixing with Water Molecule for Different Temperature under Confinement


P63    Chun-Hua Hsu , Shih-Hsiung Wu, Ding-Kwo Chang, Chinpan Chen

Structural Characterizations of Fusion–Peptide Analogs of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin: Implication of the Necessity of a Helix-Hinge-Helix Motif in Fusion Activity


P64    Ming-Hon Hou, Howard Robinson, Yi-Gui Gao and Andrew H.-J. Wang

Crystal Structure of Actinomycin D Bound to the CTG Triplet Repeat Sequences associated with Neurodegenerative Diseases