The Opportunity of Biological Research with Neutrons at the Taiwan Research Reactor TRR-II


Kuo-Chuan Cheng

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Lungtan, Taiwan 325


   The Taiwan Research Reactor TRR-II presently under construction at the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Lungtan, is a multipurpose research reactor due to go critical in 2006.  Within its planned utilization program, both thermal neutron scattering instruments and cold neutron scattering instruments with dedicated cold neutron source, cold neutron guides, and cold neutron scattering experimental hall, are to be constructed in phases, for the use of advanced research related to physics, chemistry, materials, and biology.  A new research opportunity is then to be opened for local researchers, analogous to the synchrotron radiation research in Taiwan many years ago.  In this talk, the unique advantages of neutron probe for bio-research are introduced, in comparison with the SR probe. The four spectrometers in the first phase of plan: the thermal neutron high-resolution powder diffractometer, the thermal neutron triple-axis spectrometer, the cold neutron reflectometer, and the cold neutron small-angle scattering spectrometer, are briefly described with cases in structural biology studied at other foreign labs as examples.  Local biological researchers are here encouraged to be prepared for the use of neutrons in their future works.