Poster Session
All posters will be allocated a space of 145 cm wide by 85 cm high. Poster session is scheduled on May 24th (Thursday), 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the National Health Research Institutes, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County.
Poster on: May 23th (Wednesday), 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Poster off: May 25th (Friday), 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Poster Competition
The best 10 of the posters presneted in the meeting will be awarded a certificate and NT$5000 prize.
J.Y. Lin (BI1)
Prabhat K. Sahu (BI7)
U-Ser Jeng (FS5)
Shih-Chi Luo (PF6)
Chia-Lung Li (PF10)
Jung-Yu Tung (PF11)
Ting Chen (PF14)
Mei-I Su (PF35)
Chien-Hua Pai (PF46)
Chiu-Lien Hung (PF49)
List of Abstracts
I. Computational Biology
CB1 Min-Wei Liu1 and Jung-Hsin Lin2,1,3
  Structural prediction of the adenosine A2A receptor
CB2 Chi-Ching Lee (李季青), Wei-Cheng Lo (羅惟正) and Ping-Chiang Lyu (呂平江)
  Construction of whole genomic and proteomic trees based on DNA and Protein probes
CB3 Chan-Lan Shang1, Chao-Sheng Cheng2, Ping-Chiang Lyu3
  Molecular dynamic simulation and essential dynamic analysis of vigna radiate plant defensin 1
CB4 Jia-kai Zhou 1, Sheh-Yi Sheu 2
  Molecular dynamics and free energy calculations applied to malic enzymes on structural stability
CB5 Top Lin and Ying-chieh Sun*
  A Docking Study of PDK1 Inhibitor Ligands
II. Biomolecular Interacions
BI1 J. Y. Lin (林建佑)1, J. W. Chen(陳俊文)1, J. H. Tsai(蔡景翰)1, J. H. Wang(王靖宏)1, W. C. Hung(洪偉清) 1
  The long-range thickening effect induced by cholesterol condensed in lipid bilayers.
BI2 Shih-de Yang1、Cheng-Chin Kuo2、and Li-chu Tsai1
  Over-expression and purification of GST-MyD88
BI3 Yu-Jun Huang, Yi-Hsuan Hsieh, Wenya Huang
  Identification of functional domains for interactions between JAB1 and the hepatitis B virus surface antigen pre-S2 mutant
BI4 Pei-Hsin Chen 1, Chih-Yuan Cheng 2, Kuang-Ka Liu 3, An-Lun Lo 4, Chia-Liang Cheng 2, Jui-I Chao 3, Yen-Peng Ho 4, Chia-Ching Chang 1
  Novel photo-dynamic cancer therapy strategy development by nanodiamond-protein complex.
BI5 Izabela Zakowska 1, Chuan-Mei Tsai 2, Anna Svanidze 1,3, Pei-Hsin Chen 1, Fang-Hsing Chiang 1, Hsueh-Liang Chu 1, Chang-You Wu 1, Chia-Ching Chang 1,2,4*
  Protein folding and aggregation (rEaGH)
BI6 Ching-Shin Huang 1, Yu-Chen Lin 1, Yi-Che Chen 1, Chii-Shen Yang 1
  Real-time monitoring of plant AtRGS protein interaction with plant G-alpha protein, GPA1
BI7 Prabhat K. Sahu, Chang –Wang Kuo, and Shyi –Long Lee*
  Theoretical Investigation for the Interaction of Adenine Adducts with Thymine
III. Systems Biology
SB1 Hsing-Ju Wu1, Kuan-Tin Pan1, He-Hsuan Hsiao1, Chen-Wen Yao3, Alastair G. McEwan2, Michael P. Jennings2 and Andrew H-J. Wang1
  Proteomic Analysis of Manganese Regulation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
SB2 Yu-Wei Chang1, Shing-Chuan Chang2, Hsueh-Fen Juan1,2*
  Localizomics study in TPA-induced HL-60 cells differentiation into macrophages.
IV. Medical Imaging and Devices
MD1 Chun-Chin Wang1, Feng-Chieh Li1, Sung-Jan Lin2, Wen Lo1, Chen-Yuan Dong1
  Utilizing nonlinear optical microscopy to investigate the development of early cancer in nude mice in vivo
MD2 Tzu-Lin Sun1,Yuan Liu1, Ming-Chin Sung1, Chun-Hui Yang1,
Hsuan-Shu Lee2,3,Chen-Yuan Dong1
  Multiphoton Fluorescence Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
MD3 Jin-Ning Lee 1, Shiou-Hwa Jee 2, Chih-Chieh Chan 2, Wen Lo 1, Sung-Jan Lin 1,3 , Chen-Yuan Dong 1
  The effects of depilatory agents as a penetration enhancer on human stratum corneum structures
MD4 Feng-Chien Li1 , Tzu-Lin Sun 1, Shu-Mei Yang 2, Hsuan-Shu Lee 2, Chen-Yuan Dong 1
  Intravital multiphoton microscopy for imaging hepatobiliary function
MD5 Yu Lin Chang1 Wen Lo1 Hsin Yuan Tan2 Chen Yuan Dong1
  The Observation of Interaction between Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Cornea by the Use of Two-Photon Fluorescence and Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy
MD6 Chia-Cheng Chang1,Hsuan-Shu Lee2.3,Ling-Ling Chiou3,Chi-Hsiu Huang1,Wen Lo1,Chen-Yan Dong1.
  Observation of the influence of force on collagen production by chondrocytes using two-photon and second harmonic generation.
MD7 Chi-Hsiu Huang 1, Hsuan-Shu Lee 2,3, Ling-Ling Chiou 3, Chia-Cheng Chang 1, Wen Lo 1, Chen-Yuan Dong 1
  Imaging Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Morphogenesis in Chitosan Scaffold by Multiphoton Microscopy
MD8 Wen Lo 1,Chiu-Mei Hsueh 1, Shu-Wen Teng 1,Yen Sun 1, Sung-Jan Lin 2,3, Ching-Hsi Hsiao 4,5, Wei-Chou Lin 6, Hsin-Yuan Tan 2,4,5,
Chen-Yuan Dong 1
  Structural Alteration of Corneal Scar Tissue Revealed by Multiphoton Microscopy
MD9 Tzu-Lin Sun1,Feng-Chieh Li1,Shu-Mei Yang3,Wen-Pu Hong1,
Hsuan-Shu Lee2,3,Chen-Yuan Dong1
  High resolution multiphoton imaging of acute liver inflammation using hepatic imaging chamber
MD10 Wen Lo1, Shu-Wen Teng1, Hsin-Yuan Tan2,3, Hsiao-Ching Chen9, Hsuan-Shu Lee9, Yang-Fan Chen1, Ju-Li Peng4, Huei-Hsing Lin4, Ki Hean Kim5, Yen Sun1, Wei-Chou Lin6, Sung-Jan Lin3,7, Shiou-Hwa Jee7,8, Peter T. C. So5, Chen-Yuan Dong1
  Ex vivo optical biopsy of eyes by using mulitphoton microscopy
V. Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
CD1 Rey-Ting Guo1, Tzu-Ping Ko1, Tao-Hsin Chang1, Wen-Yih Jeng1, Cammy K.-M. Chen1, Po-Huang Liang1, and Andrew H.-J. Wang1
  Crystal complex structures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase
CD2 Chih-Jung Kuo1,2, Jiun-Jie Shie3, Kui-Jung Yen4, Jim-Min Fang3,5, John T.-A. Hsu4, and Po-Huang Liang1,2,3
  Characterization of Enterovirus 3C Protease and Evaluation of Its Inhibitors as Potential Antiviral Agents
CD3 Chien-Sheng Chen 1,2, Jim-Min Fang 1,2, Shih-Hsiung Wu 1
  Cooperative Lactonization, Regioselective de-Lactonization, and C-H···O Hydrogen Bonding Cooperativity in OligoSialic Acid Lactone
CD4 Cheng-Chung Lee
  Structural basis of mercury- and zinc-conjugated complexes for inhibition of SARS-CoV 3C-like protease
CD5 Ming-Ju Yen, Chin Yu
  The interaction of hFGF-2 and suramine studied by NMR
VI. Frontier in Synchrotron Radiation
FS1 Pei-Yu Huang , Ching-Iue Chen and Yao-Chang Lee
  The Biological Application of Synchrotron Radiation-based Fourier Transform Microspectroscopy
FS2 Gung-Chian Yin 1,2, Fu-Rong Chen 1, Yeukuang Hwu 3, Han-Ping D. Shieh 2, Keng. S. Liang 1
  The qualitative x-ray phase imaging with sub 100 nanometer resolution
FS3 Pao-Yueh Hsiao1,2
  Biology sample observed by transmission hard x-ray microscopy
FS4 Ming-Tao Lee , Yu-Shan Huang, U-Ser Jeng, Ying-Huang Lai, and Ya-Sen Sun
  Bio-membrane Structure Probed by the Lamellar X-ray Diffraction and the Small Angle X-ray Scattering at NSRRC
FS5 I-Jui Hsu1, Ying-Jen Shiu2, U-Ser Jeng3, Tung-Ho Chen3, Yu-Shan Huang3, Ying-Huang Lai3, Ling-Na Tsai4, Ling-Yun Jang3, Jyh-Fu Lee3, Li-Jiaun Lin4, Sheng-Hsien Lin2, Yu Wang1
  A XAS-SAXS Study of the Local and Global Structure Changes of Cytochrome c – an Unfolding Process Induced by Urea
VII. Protein Structure and Function
PF1 Wen-Yih Jeng*, 1, 2, Tzu-Ping Ko*, 1, 2Rey-Ting Guo1, 2, 3Chien-Liang Liu1, 4Chia-I Liu1, 2, 3Hui-Lin Shr1, 2Andrew H.-J. Wang1, 2, 3
  Crystal structure of IcaR, a repressor of the TetR family implicated in biofilm formation in Staphylococcus epidermidis
PF2 Chia-Hsiang Lo1, Tao-Hsin Chang2, Hui-Chuan Chang2, and Po-Huang Liang1,2
  Long-Range Cooperative Interactions Modulate Dimerization in S. cerevisiae Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase
PF3 Pei-Hsin Liao1,2, Chi-Jen Lo1,2, Hui-Ling Wang3, Hsien-Bin Huang3, Yi-Chen Chen4, Chi-Yuan Chou5, Gu-Gang Chang2,5, Chinpan Chen6, Ta-Hsien Lin1,2,7
  Structural Characterization of the ApoE C-terminal Domain by NMR Spectroscopy
PF4 Yi-Hung Yeh1,2, Muppuru M. Kesavulu1, Hsou-min Li1, Shu-Zon Wu1, Yuh-Ju Sun2, Emadeldin H. E Konozy1 and Chwan-Deng Hsiao1
  Dimerization is important for the GTPase activity of chloroplast translocon components atToc33 and psToc159
PF5 Yi-Wei Chang1,2, Chung Wang1, and Chwan-Deng Hsiao1
  ATP-driven Motions of 70-kDa Heat Shock Proteins (Hsp70s): Insights into Structural Dynamics of the Hsp70 Power Stroke
PF6 Shih-Chi Luo 1.2, Yuan-Chou Lou2, and Chinpan Chen2
  Structural basis of PhoP-activated PmrD protein that connects PhoP/PhoQ and PmrA/PmrB two component systems
PF7 Zhonghao Shi1,2 , Wei-Jen Yang 2 , Kin-Fu Chak 1 and Hanna S. Yuan2
  RNA degradation by Escherichia coli polynucleotide phosphorylase
PF8 Chih Ching Wang1,2, Yi-Chen Chen3, Chia-li Su4, Hun-Gen Chang4, Zi-Fan Wang4, Hsien-Bin Huang4 and Ta-Hsien Lin1,2,5
  Structural and kinetic characterization of Arctic β-amyloid peptide by NMR spectroscopy
PF9 Hui-Ju Chen1,2, Tsu-Ping Ko1, Nai-Chen Wang3, Chia-Yin Lee3, Andrew H.-J. Wang1,2
  The dodecameric structure of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-containing L-aspartate 4-decarboxylase
PF10 Chia-Lung Li (李家隆) and Hanna S. Yuan(袁小琀)
  Crystal Structure of human Tudor-SN and Implication of its Roles in RNA Interference
PF11 Jung-Yu Tung , Yen-Yi Liu, Wei-I Chou, Fang-Yu Chang Dah-Tsyr Chang and Yuh-Ju Sun
  Carbohydrate-binding of the starch binding domain of Rhizopus oryzae glucoamylase in complex with β-cyclodextrin and maltoheptaose
PF12 Chung-ke Chang, Yen-lan Hsu, Yuan-hsiang Chang, Tai-huang Huang
  Binding of oligonucleotides to SARS-CoV nucleocapsid protein dimerization domain: A nuclear magnetic resonance study
PF13 Kuo-Wei Hung 1, Chun-Chia Cheng1, Yi-Chao Lin1, Jia-Huei Chen1, Tsan-Hung Yu1, Pei-Ju Fan2, Chi-Fon Chang2, Shih-Feng Tsai3 and Tai-Huang Huang1,2,*
  NMR Studies of Virulence-associated Proteins and Small Conserved Hypothetical Proteins in Klebsiella Pneumoniae
PF14 Ting Chen, Tian-Ren Lee and Ping-Chiang Lyu
  Solution structure of Kazal-type Serine Protease Inhibitor 2
PF15 Ta-Peng Chiu1, Jia-Hua Wu1, Ching-Yao Chang1, Nai-Wan Hsiao2
  The metabolomic and functional genomic studies of protein stability
PF16 You-Tzung Juang1 , Keng-Chang Tsai , Ching-Yao Chang1 , Nai–Wan Hsiao2
  A ligand-based molecular modeling studies on a series of tyrosinase Inhibitors using 3D-QSAR CoMFA and CoMSIA
PF17 Ying-Yin Chen(陳盈頴)1, Tzu-Ping Ko (柯子平)2, Li-ping Lo(羅麗萍)2, Chun-Hung Lin(林俊宏)2, Andrew HJ Wang(王惠鈞)2
  Structural and functional studies of the 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase associated with pathogenesis of Klebsiella pneumoniae
PF18 Kuang-Lei Tsai 1,2, Yuh-Ju Sun 2, Cheng-Yang Huang 1, Jer-Yen Yang 3, Mien-Chie Hung 3 and Chwan-Deng Hsiao 1
  Crystal structure of the human FOXO3a-DBD/DNA complex suggests the effects of post-translational modification
PF19 Chung-Hsien Hung, Jing-Yueh Huang, Yi-Fang Chiu, Hsiu-An Chu.
  Site-directed mutagenesis on the heme axial-ligands of cytochrome b559 in photosystem II by using cyanobacteria Synechocystis PCC 6803
PF20 Li-Tzu Chen1,2, Tzu-Ping Ko2, Kuei-An Lin2, Yu-Wei Chang1,2, Ting-Fang Wang 1,2 , Andrew H.-J. Wang 1,2
  Structural analysis of the L1 and HhH DNA binding motifs in the Archaeal RadA homologous DNA strand exchange protein
PF21 Hung-Chieh Lu (盧弘捷) ,Lou-sing Kan*(甘魯生)
  Elucidation of the structure of a bi-cadmium compound [Cd2 (bis(2-pyridyl)formamine)3]NO3 by Cadmium-111, Cadmium-113 and Hydrogen-1 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
PF22 Ming-Tsai Wey 1,2 and Lou-Sing Kan 2
  The study of DNA triplex with tight turn structure
PF23 Sheng-Kuo Chiang, Yuan-Chou Lou, and Chinpan Chen
  Structure of a Tellurite Resistant Protein (TerB) from Klebsiella pneumoniae
PF24 Yu-Yuan Hsiao (蕭育源)1,2 and Hanna S. Yuan (袁小琀)2
  Structural and functional study of C. elegans Cell-Death Related Nuclease 4 (CRN-4)
PF25 Wen-Jin Wu and Tai-Huang Huang
  Implementation of Projection Reconstruction-3D Triple Resonance Experiments on Bruker NMR Spectrometers
PF26 Chun-Chi Chou1,2 Yuan-Chao Lou1 Chinpan Chen1
  Solution structure and DNA-binding properties of the three Cys2His2 zinc finger domains of Tzfp
PF27 Cheng-Yang Huang1, Wei-Ti Chen1,2, Chen-Yi Tsao1, Yi-Wei Chang1, Chwan-Deng Hsiao1,2
  Crystal structure of the N-terminal domain of DnaD suggests a mechanism for DNA remodeling and DNA replication initiation
PF28 Yi-Shan Li1,2, Jin-Yuan Ho3,4, Yu-Ting Huang1,2, Chun-Yen Lee1,2, Chia-Chi Huang3,4, Syue-Yi Lyu1,2, Chuan-Jiuan Huang1,2, and Tsung-Lin Li1
  Dbv29 that is characterized as a Flavin-containing hexose oxidase completes the N-acyl-aminoglucuronyl substituent modification for antibiotic A40926
PF29 Hsiu-chien Chan 2,Yu-Ting Huang5, Chia-Cheng Chou1,Jin-Yuan Ho3,4, Chang-Jer Wu5, Yi-Shan Li5, Ming-Daw Tsai1,3, and Tsung-Lin Li1
  Structure-based Mechanistic Study for Three Homologous proteins, Deacetylases and Nucleotidyltransferase from the Biosynthetic Pathways of Three Clinically Important Glycopeptide Antibiotics
PF30 Kuo-Chang Cheng, Tian-Ren Lee, Chao-Sheng Cheng, Ping-chiang Lyu
  Clarification of Potential Structural Element of Vigna radiate Plant Defensin 1Involving in Inhibiting Insect α-Amylase
PF31 Yu-Ruei Wang 1,2, Kai-Fa Huang 2, Andrew H.-J. Wang 2*
  Cloning, expression, purification, and crystallization of a glutaminyl cyclase from Xanthomonas campestris: the prototype of prokaryotic glutaminyl cyclase
PF32 Ming-Tsung Hsu1, Sheng-Wen Liu2, Yaw-Kuen Li2, Wen-Ching Wang1
  Crystal Structure of Laminaripentaose-Producing β-1,3-Glucanase (LPHase) from Streptomyces matensis DIC-108
PF33 Hoi-Ping Shi 1, Yun-Ru (Ruby) Chen 1
  Equilibrium folding and aggregation of wild type and familial mutants of amyloid beta in Alzheimer's disease
PF34 Tse-Yu Chung1, Irene Deli1, Shao-Rong Luo1, Chia-Lin Chyan1
  The Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on the Conformation and Stability of Protein
PF35 Mei-I Su1,4, Wen-Jin Wu3, Sandeep Kumar4, Ming-Daw Tsai1,2,4,5
  Structural Basis of the Low Fidelity of ASFV DNA Polymerase X and Identification of a Key Fidelity-Controlling Residue
PF36 I-Chen Hu, Hui-Fen Lin, Tian-Ren Lee, and Ping-Chiang Lyu
  Reconstitution of fluorescent allophycocyanin alpha-subunits and identification of residues critical for the autocatalytic bilin attachment
PF37 Kai-Fa Huang1,2, Yu-Ruei Wang3, En-Cheng Chang1, Tsung-Lin Chou4, and Andrew H.-J. Wang1,2,3,4
  An unusual hydrogen bond network conserved in the catalytic center of animal glutaminyl cyclases is critical for catalysis of the enzyme
PF38 Chun-Yen Lee1,4, Jin-Yuan Ho2,4, Ming-Daw Tsai3,4, Tsung-Lin Li4
  Characterizations of Enzymes Involved in the Biosyntheses of UDP-Glucose, UDP-Glucuronate and GDP-Fucose for Virulent Capsular Polysaccharide of Klebsiella pneumoniae K1-NTUH 2044
PF39 Sepuru Krishna Mohan and Chin Yu
  Role of S100A13 in the FGF-1 Non-Classical pathway
PF40 Chao-Jung Wu 1, Yu-Fang Shen 2, Yu-Hou Chen 1, Fu-Yang Lin 1, Sean Wu 3, Wei-Hau Chang 3, An-Suei Yang 1, Gia-Lih Lin 2, Ming-Daw Tsai 1, 4
  Inhibitors for Functional NP Oligomer Formation in RDRP Complex
PF41 Deli Irene1, Chia-Yen Liu1, Chih-Ching Wang2, T.-H. Lin2, and C.-L. Chyan1
  Three Dimensional Solution Structure of Calmodulin and Calmodulin Binding Domain of Calcineurin
PF42 Hyun Lee1,2,*, Chunhua Yuan3,*, Andrew Hammet4, Anjali Mahajan2, Chi-Fon Chang1, Jörg Heierhorst4, Ming-Daw Tsai1,2,3,5
  A phospho-counting switch for sequential activation of a checkpoint kinase cascade
PF43 Kun-Wei Chan, Yi-Juan Lee and Yuh-Ju Sun
  Crystal Structure and Functional Studies of the Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein from Helicobacter pylori
PF44 Hsueh-Liang Chu1#, Chang-You Wu1,Tzu-Hsuan Chen1,3,Yi-Chen Yeh1 , Chuan-Mei Tsai2, Yi-Liang Liu1,Tzu-Cheng Lee1, Chia-Ching Chang1,2,3*
  Structure and function analysis of new member of cyclin family: Cyclin I
PF45 Jia-Yin Tsai 1, Lun-Der Lin 1, Shao-Wen Chou1, Haimei Huang 2, Yuh-Ju Sun 1
  Crystal Structure of a Polar Flagellin Protein, FlaG from Helicobacter pylori
PF46 Chien-Hua Pai,1,3 Bing-Yu Chiang,1,4 Tzu-Ping Ko,1 Chia-Cheng Chou,2 Cheong-Meng Chong,1 Fang-Jiun Yen,1 Shunjun Chen,5 James K. Coward,5 Andrew H.-J. Wang*,1,2,4 and Chun-Hung Lin*,1,2,4
  Dual Binding Sites for Translocation Catalysis by E. coli Glutathionylspermidine Synthetase
PF47 Chung-Yiu Wu1, Hsueh-Liang Chu1, Tzu-Hsuan cheng3,Chuan-Mei Tsai2, Chia-Ching Chang 1,3,*.
  Human securing: a p53 regulator
PF48 Chun-Wei Chen, Tian-Ren Lee, Ting Chen and Ping-chiang Lyu
  Characterization of Human Kazal-Type Serine Protease Inhibitor 2 and 4
PF49 Chiu-Lien Hung1, Jia-Hsin Liu 1, Wei-Chun Chiu 1, Shao-Wei Huang 2, Jenn-Kang Hwang 2, and Wen-Ching Wang 1
  Crystal structure of Helicobacter pylori formamidase AmiF reveals a cysteine-glutamate-lysine catalytic triad
PF50 Yu-Wen Hua, Chiu-Lien Hung, and Wen-Ching Wang
  The crystal structure of an aliphatic amidase AimE from Helicobacter pylori
PF51 Hsin-Ho Huang and Hsiu-An Chu
  Structural Studies of the Substrate-Binding Site on the Oxygen-Evolving Complex in Photosystem II by Light-Induced FTIR Difference Spectroscopy
PF52 Chen-Hsi, Chu , Jia-Yin, Tsai, Po-Kai, Lu, Haimei, Huang, and Yuh-Ju, Sun
  Crystal Structure studies of Spermidne Synthase
PF53 Ko-Hsin Chin1, Sz-Kai Ruan1, Andrew H.-J. Wang2,3 & Shan-Ho Chou1,*
  XC5848, an ORFan protein from Xanthomonas campestris, adopts a novel variant of Sm-like motif
PF54 Ko-Hsin Chin1, Ying-Der Tsa1, Nei-Li Jan1, Kai-Fa Huang2, Andrew H.-J. Wang2,3, & Shan-Ho Chou1,*
  The Crystal Structure of XC1258 from Xanthomonas campestris: A Putative Procaryotic Nit Protein with an Arsenic Adduct in the Active Site
PF55 Jhe-Le Tu1, Ko-Hsin Chin1,2, Andrew H.-J. Wang3,4, & Shan-Ho Chou1,2,*
  The crystallization of apo-form UMP kinase from Xanthomonas campestris is significantly improved in a strong magnetic field