All posters will be allocated within a space of 140 cm wide by 90 cm high. Poster session is scheduled on May 25th (Thursday), 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the 2nd floor of the International Conference Hall, Condensed Matter & Physics Building, National Taiwan University.
Poster on: May 24th (Wednesday), 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Poster off: May 26th (Friday), 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Poster Competition
The best 10% of the posters presneted in the meeting will be awarded a certificate and NT$5000 prize.
Yen Sun (PN10)
Chung-ke Chang (PP16)
Chun-Yuan Chen (PP18)
Meng-Ru Ho (PP22)
Kai-Fa Huang (PP24)
Ko-Hsin Chin (PP28)
C. Satheesan Babu (PP41)
Si-Han Chen. (PT1)
Chih-Jung Kuo (PD1)
Zhong-Wei Zhang (PB6)
I. Nano-Biology (Biophysics)
PN1 Shu ChienHao-Jen Hsu1, Sheh-Yi Sheu2, and Ruey-Yug Tsay1
  Monte Carlo Simulation Studies of Human Serum Albumin Adsorption on Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces
PN2 Y. Y. Chen (陳奕穎), J. H. Tsai(蔡景翰),S. L. Luo(羅順隆),J. H. Yang(楊忠翰), J. W. Shieu謝毅翁and W. C. Hung (洪偉清)
  Water hydrolyzed induced the critical fluctuation and thickening broken on critical swelling of phospholipid bilayers
PN3 J. Y. Lin(林建佑),J. S. Lan(藍仲聖),J. W. Chen(陳俊文),J. U. Shiau(蕭智元),W. C. Hung (洪偉清)1 , M. T. Lee (李明道) 2, F. Y. Chen(陳方玉) 3, and H. W. Huang (黃惠文) 4
  Correlation between Lipid’s Spontaneous Curvature and Pore Formation by Antimicrobial Peptides
PN4 Chien-Jui Kuoa, Sung-Jan Linb, Wen Loa, Shiou-Hwa Jeeb, Chen-Yuan Donga
  Differentiation of basal cell carcinoma from the adjacent normal tissue by f non-linear microscopy: implication for surgical guidance
PN5 Chien-Jui Kuoa ,Sung-Jan Linb,Ruei-Jr Wua ,Yee-Chun Chen c ,Shiou-Han Wang e ,Hsin-Yuan Tand,Jun-Ling Wang c , Feng-Chieh Lia, Chun-Chin Wanga, Wen Loa,Chen-Yuan Donga
  Multiphoton Characterization of Infection Pathogens
PN6 Ming-Tsai Wey a,b, Lou-sing Kan b*
  The formation and detection of tight-turn in pyrimidine/purine/pyrimidine type DNA triplexes – new findings on motifs CC and TT by fluorescence spectroscopy at pH 7
PN7 Yuan Liua, Hsiao-Ching Chenb, Wen Loa, Ling-Ling Chioub, Guan-Tarn Huangb, Chen-Yuan Donga, Hsuan-Shu Leeb
  Intravital Multiphoton Microscopy of Dynamics Hepatic Process
PN8 Wen Lo1, Hsin-Yuan Tan2,3, Shu-Wen Teng1, Yen Sun1, Chen-Yuan Dong1
  Pathological Investigation of Cornea by Use of Multiphoton Microscopy
PN9 Wei-Liang Chena, Yen Suna, Wen Loa, Hsin-Yuan Tanb,c, Chen-Yuan Donga*
  The Combination of Mutiphoton and Reflected Confocal Microscopy for Cornea Imaging
PN10 Yen Sun1, Wei-Liang Chen1, Sung-Jan Lin2,3, Shiou-Hwa Jee2, Yang-Fang Chen1, Ling-Chih Lin1, Peter T. C. So4, Chen-Yuan Dong1
  Investigating Mechanisms of Collagen Thermal Denaturation by High Resolution Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging
PN11 Ming-Gu Lina , Tsung-Lin Yanga, Jin-Ning Leea, Cheng-Tien Chianga, Hsien-Ching Kaoa, Wen Loa, Sung-Jan Linb, Shiou-Hwa Jeeb, Yang-Fang Chena, Chen-Yuan Donga
  Characterization of Skin Dermal Thermal Damage by Multiphoton Microscopy
PN12 He-Hsuan Hsiao, Hsin-Yu Hsieh, Shu-Yu Lin, Chi-Chi Chou, Andrew H.J. Wang, and Kay-Hooi Khoo*
  Concerted Experimental Approach for Sequential Mapping of Peptides and Phosphopeptides Using C18-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
II. Protein structure and function
PP1 Han-Yu Suna.b, Tzu-Ping Kob, Sheng-Wei Lina,b, Chia-Ling Liua,b, Andrew H.-J. Wang*a,b and Chun-Hung Lin*a,b
  Crystal structure and catalytic mechanism of 1,3-fucosyltransferase from Helicobacter pylori
PP2 Dr. Jon D. Wright and Prof. Carmay Lim
  Effect of metal-binding site geometry on protein structure and function
PP3 Yi-Wei Changa, b, Chih-Chien Wuc, Yuh-Ju Sunb, Hsien-Tai Chiuc, and Chwan-Deng Hsiaoa.
  Crystal Structures of dTDP-4-keto-2,3,6-trideoxyhexose Reductase (DnmV) from Streptomyces peucetius: Implications for the Inhibition and Catalytic Mechanisms
PP4 Todor Dudeva and Carmay Limab
  A DFT/CDM Study of MetãlCarboxylate Interactions in Metalloproteins: Factors Governing the Maximum Number of Metal-Bound Carboxylates
PP5 Tao-Hsin Changa, Rey-Ting Guob, Tzu-Ping Kob, Andrew H.-J. Wanga,b and Po-Huang Lianga,b
  Structure-based Functional Analysis of Type-III Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
PP6 Chih-Pin B. Chung 1, Kuang-Lung Hsueh 1, Hsin-Hao Hsiao 1, Shih-Che Sue 1, Chung Mong Chen 2, Tai-huang Huang 1
  Solution Structure of a Telomere-Binding Domain of Arabidopsis thaliana: New Fold of Telomere-Binding Domain with an Additional Helix in C-terminus
PP7 T. C. Cioua, W. Chena *, C. Y. Zengb
  The effect of lens crystallin of rat by feeding Natto
PP8 Li-Tzu Chena,b, Tzu-Ping Kob, Yuan-Chih Changc, Chia-Seng Changc, Ting-Fang Wanga,b and Andrew H.-J.Wanga,b
  Crystal Structure of the Left-Handed Archaeal RadA filament: A Rotational Motif Involved in Homologous DNA Recombination
PP9 Kuan-Ting Pan1; Yi-Yun Chen1; Shu-Yu Lin1; Tzu-Ching Meng2; Kay-Hooi Khoo2
  Novel mass spectrometry strategies for facile mapping of protein S-nitrosylation sites in relation to identification of controlled cysteine oxidation
PP10 Jiun-Ly Chir, Dr. and Shih-Hsiung Wu, Dr.
  Mutational study in protease domain of Lon protease from Brevibacillus thermoruber
PP11 Y. J. Shiua, U-Ser Jengb, Catherlene Sua, M. Hayashic, S. H. Lina
  Comparative Studies of Protein Folding-Unfolding Induced by Different Denaturants
PP12 Jyung-Hurng Liua, c, Chia-Hui Wangb, c, Shao-Chen Leeb, Wen-guey Wub and Chwan-Deng Hsiaoa.
  Glycosphingolipid-facilitated membrane insertion and internalization of cobra cardiotoxin: crystal structure of the cardiotoxin/sulfatide complex.
PP13 Yi-Hung Yeh*,†, Wei-Ning Huang, Yuh-Ju Sun, Hsieh Yi-Heui, Gerard Lambeau§,Wen-Guey Wu†,¶ and Chwan-Deng Hsiao†,¶
  Interfacial binding intermediates in substrate diffusion of cobra phospholipase A2
PP14 L. G. Doudevaa, H. Huang, Z. Shia, C.-L. Lia, W.-C. Chub and H. S. Yuana
  Crystal Structures of ColE7 in complex DNA/Zn2+ and Im7/Ni2+ Show How a Transition Metal Ion Bound ColE7 Binds and Cleaves DNA
PP15 W. Yang, Y. Wang, L G. Doudeva, C.-L. Li and H. S. Yuan
  Structural Basis for Sequence-Dependent DNA Cleavage by the Non-Specific Endonuclease
PP16 Chung-ke Changa, Shih-Che Suea, Cheng-Kun Tsaib, Yen-Chieh Chiangc, Hsin-I Baia, Lilianty Rianga, Wen-Jin Wudd and Tai-huang Huanga,b,d
  Structural Hierarchy of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-associated Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein
PP17 Ying-En Chena,b, Chi-Jen Loa,b, Chih Ching Wanga,b, Yi-Chen Chenc, Chia-li Sud, Hun-Gen Changd, Hsien-Bin Huangd and Ta-Hsien Lina,b,e
  Inhibition of b-amyloid Peptide Aggregation by Rational Mutation
PP18 Chun-Yuan Chena,b, Chung-ke Changc,d, Yi-Wei Changa, Shih-che Suec, Hsin-I Baic, Lilianty Riangc, Tai-huang Huangc, Chwan-Deng Hsiaoa.
  Structure of the SARS coronavirus nucleocapsid protein dimerization domain suggests a mechanism for helical packaging of viral RNA
PP19 Kuang-Lei Tsaia,b, Cheng-Yang Huanga, Chia-Hao Changc, Yuh-Ju Sunb, Woei-Jer Chuangc,* and Chwan-Deng Hsiaoa,*
  Crystal structure of the human FOXK1a/DNA complex and its implications on the diverse binding specificity of winged helix/forkhead proteins
PP20 Hong-Jen Leea, Yuan-Shou Chena, Chi-Yuan Choub, Chia-Hui Chiena, Chun-Hung Linc, Gu-Gang Changb, and Xin Chena#
  Prolyl Dipeptidase DPP8 and its Dimeric Inactivating Mutations
PP21 Shih-Chi Luoa, b, Yuan-Chou Loub, and Chinpan Chena, b
  Structural Study of KP3573, a Polymyxin B Resistant Protein (pmrD) from Klebsiella pneumoniae
PP22 Meng-Ru Ho1,2, Yuan-Chao Lou1, Wen-Chang Lin1, Ping-Chiang Lyu2, Wei-Ning Huang3, and Chinpan Chen1*
  Human Pancreatitis-associated Protein Forms Fibrillar Aggregates with A Native-like Conformation
PP23 Hui-Fen Lin , I-Chen Hu, and Ping- Chiang Lyu
  Effects of site-directed mutagenesis on the lyase activity of allophycocyanin alpha subunit
PP24 Kai-Fa Huanga, b, c, Yi-Liang Liub, Wei-Ju Chengd, Tzu-Ping Koa, c, and Andrew H.-J. Wanga, b, c, d
  Post-Translationally Pyroglutamate Formation on Proteins: Protein production, crystal structures, catalysis mechanism, inhibition, and pathophysiology of human glutaminyl cyclase
PP25 Shao-Wen, Chou, Jia-Yin, Tsai and Yuh-Ju Sun
  Structural and Functional Studies of a Putative Flagellar Regulatory Protein from Helicobacter pylori
PP26 Ming-Hong Chuang,a Ming-Shiang Wu,b Wan-Lin Lo,a and Shyh-Horng Chioua
  Application of Alkylhydroperoxide Reductase as a Protein Marker for the Diagnosis of Tissue Damages in Patients of Gastro-Duodenal Diseases Infected by Helicobacter pylori.
PP27 Yu-San Hunga , Fang-Yu Chena
  Calorimetric measurement on binding of antimicrobial peptides to lipid vesicles
PP28 Ko-Hsin China, Zhi-Le Tua, Chao-Yu Yanga, Tso-Ning Lia, Shu-Ju Liaoa, Yi-Che Sua, Ying-Der Tsaia, Chien-Hong Lina, Kuo-Cheng Chiua, Wei-Ting Kuoa, Chao-Wei Huanga, Sz-Kai Ruana, Wen-Ting Loa, Tzu-Huei Kaoa, Yu-Sheng Fanga, Ping-Jiang Lyub, Peter Tsaic, Andrew H.J. Wangd, Shan-Ho Choua,*
  Structural Genomics Studies of the Plant Pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris Using X-ray Crystallography and NMR Techniques
PP29 Zhi-Le Tua, Juo-Ning Lia, Ko-Hsin China, Chia-Cheng Choub,c, Andrew H.-J. Wangb,c, & Shan-Ho Choua,*
  The crystal structure of XC1739: a multiple antibiotic-resistance repressor (MarR) from Xanthomonas campestris at 1.8 Å
PP30 Chao-Yu Yanga, Ko-Hsin China, Chia-Cheng Choub,c, Andrew H.-J. Wangb,c & Shan-Ho Choua,*
  Crystal structure of XC6422 from Xanthomonas campestris at 1.6 Å resolution: a small a/b serine hydrolase
PP31 Ko-Hsin China, Chia-Cheng Choub,c, Andrew H.-J. Wangb,c, & Shan-Ho Choua,*
  The crystal structure of a putative acyl-CoA thioesterase from Xanthomonas campestris (XC229) adopts a tetrameric hotdog fold of eg mode
PP32 Ko-Hsin China, Chao-Yu Yanga, Chia-Cheng Choub,c, Andrew H.-J. Wangb,c, & Shan-Ho Choua,*
  The Crystal Structure of XC847 from Xanthomonas campestris: a 3’-5’ Oligoribonuclease of DnaQ fold family with a Novel Opposingly-Shifted Helix
PP33 Ko-Hsin China, Chia-Cheng Choub,c, Andrew H.-J. Wangb,c, & Shan-Ho Choua,*
  Crystal structure of XC5357 from Xanthomonas campestris: A putative tetracenomycin polyketide synthesis protein adopting a novel cupin subfamily structure
PP34 Yu-Nan Liu, Yen-Ting Lai, Wei-I Chou, Wei-Ting Liu, Margaret Dah-Thyr Chang and Ping-Chaing Lyu
  Solution Structure ofFamily 21 Carbohydrate-binding Module from Rhizopus oryzae Glucoamylase
PP35 Yi-Hui Hsieh, Chi-Yuan Chou, and Gu-Gang Chang
  Structural and functional variations in human apoE2, apoE3, and apoE4 72-166 fragments
PP36 Ya-Fen Yang, Ku-Feng Lin, Yen-Ting Lai and Ping-Chiang Lyu
  Sited-Directed Mutagenesis Studies of Mung Bean Nonspecific Lipid Transfer Protein 1
PP37 Ping-Hsing, Tsai
  Identification of critical amino-acid residues in Vigna radiata plant defensin 1 involved in inhibiting Tenebrio molitor α-amylase
PP38 Tun-Hsun Kuo, Shiao-Cheng Chuang, Sing-Yang Chang,§ and Po-Huang Liang†§
  Ligand Specificity and Structural Requirement of Tachypleus Plasma Lectins for Bacterial Trapping
PP39 Chia-Hung Wang and Yuh-Ju Sun
  A Novel Oligonucleotieds Binding Mode of Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein from Helicobacter pylori
PP40 Hui-Yuan Tseng*, Mossaad Abdel-Ghany#, Bendicht U. Pauli#, Tang-Long Shen*
  Direct interaction between focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and beta4 integrin in tumorigenesis
PP41 C. Satheesan Babu and Carmay Lim
  Empirical Force-Fields for Biologically Active Divalent Metal Ions: Application to Metallothioneins
PP42 Shen-Chia Chena, b, Yuan-Chih Changa, b, Chao-Hsiung Lin a, c, Chun-Hung Lind, and Shwu-Huey Liawa, c, e
  Crystal Structure of A Bifunctional Deaminase and Reductase Involved in Riboflavin Biosynthesis
PP43 Chun-Hsiang Huanga,b, Wen-Lin Laib, Chia-Lin Chena,b, Ying-Chieh Tsaib, and Shwu-Huey Liawa-c
  Functional Roles of the Double Covalent Linkages of FAD in Glucooligosaccharide Oxidase from Acremonium strictum
PP44 Chen-Hsi, Chu, Yi-Ju, Lai and Yuh-Ju Sun
  Kinetic and structural properties of triosephosphate isomerase from Helicobacter pylori
PP45 Ming-Fen Huanga,b, Sheng-Chia Chena,b, Mei-Chin Laid, Shwu-Huey Liawa-c
  Structure and functional studies of an archaeal deaminase MM3105 from Methanosarcina mazei
PP46 Wei-Tin Lee, Shih-Che Sue, Stanley C.C. Huang, Jiun-Guo Yu and Tai-huang Huang,
  The HATH Domain of Human Hepatoma-derived Groth Factor can form a Domanin-swapped Dimer with muchHigher Affinity for Heparin
PP47 Kuo-Wei Hunga, Chun-Chia Chenga, Tsan-Hung Yua, Shi-Huan Wangb, Chi-Fon Changc, Shih-Feng Tsaid, and Tai-Huang Huanga
  Solution structure of Ferrous Iron Transporter Protein A (FeoA) of Klebsiella Pneumoniae
PP48 Yu-Hsin Lin a, b, Sheng-Chia Chen a, c, Shwu-Huey Liaw a, d
  Crystal Structures of Bacillus subtilis RibG in Complex with Substrates
PP49 Cheng-Chung Lee, Tzu-Ping Ko, CC Chou, M. Yoshimura, S. R. Doong, M. Y. Wang, Andrew H.-J. Wang
  Crystal structure of infectious bursal disease virus VP2 subviral particle at 2.6 Å resolution: implications in virion assembly and immunogenicity
PP50 Chi-Fon Changa,b, Tsun-Ai Yu,b, Hui-Ting Chouc, David T. Chuangd, Tai-Huang Huangb,c
  Studies of Protein Domains in the Transacylase Component of Human Mitochondrial Branched-Chain Ketoacid Dehydrogenase
PP51 Chi-Fon Chang, Tai-Huang Huang
  High-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center ( HFNMRC)
PP52 Yen-Ting Lai
  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Plant Non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein
PP53 Teobald Kupka1 and Carmay Lim1,2.
  CBS GIAO-NMR predicted protonation states in metalloproteins
PP54 Parameswaran Hariharana,b, Shan-Ho Choub, Der-Hang China*
  Investigating the Requirement of Structural Changes for Gating and Triggering the Ligand Release in Antibiotic Chromoprotein, Neocarzinostatin
PP55 Shanmuganathan Aranganathana,b,Thallapuranam Krishnaswamy Suresh Kumar c,Chin Yub* and Der-Hang China*
  Stability of Aponeocarzinostatin Measured by Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Studies
PP56 Wen-Yih Jeng and Andrew H. -J. Wang
  Structural and Functional Studies of the Intercellular Adhesin Locus Regulator (IcaR) Protein of Staphylococcus epidermidis
PP57 Kuan-Ting Pan1; Yi-Yun Chen1; Shu-Yu Lin1; Tzu-Ching Meng2; Kay-Hooi Khoo2
  Novel mass spectrometry strategies for facile mapping of protein S-nitrosylation sites in relation to identification of controlled cysteine oxidation
PP58 Hung-Wen Chi, Chin-Jui Tseng, Der-Hang Chin*
  Role of disulfide bonds on the protein-directed chemical pathway of neocarzinostatin chromophore
PP59 Ku-Feng Lina, Tian-Ren Leea, Ming-Bin Hsub, Ching-San Chenb, and Ping-Chiang Lyua
  Engineering of a novel insect alpha-amylase inhibitor, VrD2 chimera, by structural-based rational design
PP60 D. Irenea, Chia-Yen Liua, Chih-Ching Wangb, T.-H. Linb, and C.-L. Chyana
  Structural Characterization of Calmodulin in Complex with the Calcineurin Peptide
PP61 Ying-Yin Chen(陳盈穎)1, Li-ping Lo(羅麗萍)2, Chun-Hung Lin(林俊宏)2, Andrew HJ Wang(王惠鈞)2
  Structural and Functional Studies of the Glyco-Enzymes from Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae
PP62 I-Ju Yeh and Shyh-Horng Chiou
  Dual Functional Property of non-heme iron containing ferritin Pfr in Helicobacter pylori under acid stress
PP63 Hsing-Mao Chu1,2 and Andrew H.-J. Wang1,2,*
  Enzyme-substrate interactions revealed by the crystal structures of the archaeal Sulfolobus PTP-fold phosphatase and its phosphopeptide complexes
PP64 Yun-Ru Chen (陳韻如)*1,2 and Charles G. Glabe2
  Distinct Early Folding and Aggregation Properties of Alzheimer Amyloid-ß Peptide Aß40 and Aß42: Stable Tetramer Formation by Aß42
PP65 Yu-San Hunga ,Fang-Yu Chena
  Calorimetric measurement on binding of antimicrobial peptides to lipid vesicles
PP66 1Yen Sun, 2Hsuan-Shu Lee, 1Shu-Wen Teng, 2Hsiao-Ching Chen, 1Wen Lo, 1Tze-Yu Lin, 2Ling-Ling Chiou, 3Ching-Chuan Jiang, 1Chen-Yuan Dong
  Imaging tissue engineering scaffolds and the monitoring of human bone marrow stem cell morphogenesis in PGA using two-photon fluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopy
PP67 Chia-Hsun Liua, S.-L. Chenc, Min-Feng Hsua, Steve S.-F. Yub, Sunny I. Chanb, Andrew H.-J. Wanga, W.-S. Fannc, and Rita P.-Y. Chena
III. Tackling complex biology systems: Beyond protein crystallography
PT1 Si-Han Chena, Shih-Hsiung Wu, Ph.D.a,b.
  Thermodynamic Characterization of DNA-binding Activity of Human Lon Protease
PT2 Yu-Shan Huanga, U-Ser Jeng*a, Ying-Huang Laia, Ya-Sen Suna , Ming-Tao Leea , Keng S. Lianga , Jhih-Min Linb, and Tsang-Lang Linb
  Solution structure of proteins probed by the small-angle X-ray scattering instrument newly installed at the NSRRC
PT3 Tsung-Kai Chiu, Chi-fu Yen, Cheng-wei Wu, Wei-hau Chang
  Towards full realization of near-atomic structural determination of single macromolecules by cryo microscopy: a study on the effect of phase contrast
PT4 Tang-Long Shen*, Hui-Yuan Tseng*, Yu-Chin Lin#, Yi-Ru Lai#
  Molecular mechanism of focal adhesion kinase activation via phosphoinositides
IV. Proteomics in glycomics and diseases
PG1 Chang Lin-Huang, Yu Wan-Chin
  Culture of Haemophilus paragallinarum
PG2 Hsiu-Feng Lua*, Feng-Yin Lib* and S. H. Lina
  Site specificity of α-H abstraction reaction among secondary structure motif – An ab-intio Study
PG3 Hsing-Ju Wua, Kuan-Tin Pana, He-Hsuan Hsiaoa, Michael P. Jenningsb, Alastair G. McEwanb, Chen-Wen Yaoc and Andrew H.-J. Wanga
  Proteomic analyses of the manganese regulon of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
V. Drug discover
PD1 Chih-Jung Kuo(郭致榮) 1.2, Jiun-Jie Shie(謝俊結) 2, Min-Feng Hsu(許敏峰) 2, Jim-Min Fang(方俊民) 2, Chi-Huey Wong(翁啟惠) 2, Andrew H.-J. Wang(王惠鈞) 2 , Po-Huang Liang(梁博煌) 2
  Inhibitors and maturation mechanism of SARS main protease
PD2 Wing See Lama, Yu-Ting Hsua, Wei-Jen Loc, Yu-Ching Chioud, Ming-Yun Changd, Shu-Chuan Jaob, and Wen-Shan Lia
  Enzymatic and Nonenzymatic Synthesis of Glutathione Conjugates: Application to the Understanding of Parasite’s Defense System and Alternative to the Discovery of Potent Schistosoma Japonica and Human Glutathione S-Transferase Inhibitors
PD3 Min-Feng Hsua,b,c, Syaulan Yangd, Shu-Jen Chend, Hui-Lin Shrb,c, Tzu-Ping Kob, Ming-Chu Hsud*, and Andrew H.-J. Wanga,b,c*
  Crystal structures of SARS 3CL protease complexed with mechanism-based irreversible inhibitors
PD4 Wen-Hung Wang and Ying-Chieh Sun*
  A 3D-QSAR study of Celebrex-based PDK1 Inhibitors Using CoFMA Method
PD5 Yu-Wei Chang, Parameswaran Hariharan, Der-Hang Chin*
  Investigating the role of apoprotein in the self resistance of Streptomyces carzinostaticus against enediyne antibiotic chromoprotein, neocarzinostatin
PD6 Chia-Wen Liu, Huang-Shien Lee, and Der-Hang Chin*
  Studies of caffeine-induced inhibition in neocarzinostatin mediated DNA cleavage
PD7 Hsin-Yun Cheng, Chin-Jui Tseng, and Der-Hang Chin*
  The factors involved in the conversion of chlorohydrin into epoxide in neocarzinostatin chromophore
PD8 Yao-Chen Teuia, b, Min-Feng Hsu b, c, Cheng-Chung Lee b, c, d and Andrew H.-J. Wanga, b, c*
  Structural analysis of coxsackievirus B3 3C protease and its inhibitor complexes: implications in antiviral drug design
VI. Bioinformatics
PB1 Hsingshen Hung a*, Kuo-yuan Hwa , PhD a#
  Phyloenetic Tree based on protein –coding genes of xylosyltransferases is similar to the universal tree of life based on rRNA sequences
PB2 Po-Hsien Leea, Yi-Tsang Tua, Sheh-Yi Sheua,b
  An Improved method of 123D fold recognition method by SSE algorithm and structural conserved residues
PB3 Chih-Chieh Chen a, Jenn-Kang Hwang a,b,c, and Jinn-Moon Yang a,b,c
  (PS)2: Protein Structure prediction server
PB4 Nancy Lina, Hsueh-Fen Juanb, Hsuan-Cheng Huangc, Shyh-Horng Chioua
  Study of Protein Interaction Network by a Bioinformatics Approach: Evaluation of Gene Expression Profiles Using Matrices
PB5 Kuei-Ling Kuoa, Jung-Hsin Lina,b
  Prediction of glucose transport pathways in the human glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1)
PB6 Zhong-Wei Zhanga, Jung-Hsin Linab
  Developing “Class-Optimized” Scoring Functions for Drug Design
PB7 Chih-Hao Lu,a Yeong-Shin Lin,b Yu-Ching Chen,a Chin-Sheng Yu,b Shi-Yu Chang,a and Jenn-Kang Hwanga,b,c
  The Fragment Transformation Method to Detect the Protein Structural Motifs
PB8 Hsin-I Liaoa,* ,Yi-Chiao Fanga and Ta-Hsien Lina,b,c,d
  Automatic generation of possible initial structures to assist structural determination by NMR spectroscopy - An application to β class protein
PB9 Hsueh-Fen Juan1,2, Kun-Chieh Cheng1,5, Hsuan-Cheng Huang6, Chern-Han Ou1,3, Jenn-Han Chen7, Wen-Bin Yang8, Shui-Tein Chen4,8, Chi-Huey Wong8,9
  Elucidating the molecular regulation of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides in human monocytic cells: from gene expression to network construction
PB10 Yu-Ching Chena Jenn-Kang Hwanga,b,c
  Prediction of disulfide patterns from protein sequences
PB11 Chin-Sheng Yu,b Yu-Ching Chen,a Chih-Hao Lu,a and Jenn-Kang Hwanga,b,c
  Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization
PB12 Chia-Chuan Liu and Ming-Jing Hwang
  Deriving a scoring matrix for mapping protein local structure and sequence