(This letter is issued in both Chinese and English)









BABS 2000


May 22 –26, 2000

Kyongju Hilton Hotel

Kyongju, Korea


Deadline for poster: March 15, 2000

Advance Registration: March 15, 2000

Reservation of Accommodations and Tours: March 31, 2000

Fields covered

  1. Structural Biology
  2. Cell and Membrane Biophysics
  3. Neurobiophysics
  4. Cell Motility
  5. Biophysical Technology

Speakers from our country

Sunney Chan, plenary speaker

Shan-Ho Chou, invited speaker

David Hsiao, invited speaker

Konan Peck, invited speaker

Wen-guey Wu, invited speaker

Ching Yu, invited speaker

Hanna Yuan, invited speaker

For detail, please see attached “brochure”.

For forms, please download “forms”.

Please submit posters to

Professor Young Kee Kang, Department of Chemistry, Chungbuk National University

Kheongju, Chungbuk 361-763, Korea, T: 82-431-261-2285, F: 82-431-273-8328

E: ykkang@cbucc.chungbuk,ac.kr

Please contact Lou-sing Kan (T: 02-2789-8550; F: 02-2783-1237; E: lskan@chem.sinica.edu.tw) if you have any questions





魯生 敬上 三月五日



Dear Members and Friends:

I am pleased to inform you that our web site has just been updated. There are two important activities in May. The 6th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting will be held in College of Life Sciences, National Tsing-Hua University, May 3 to 6. The second event is the Third East Asian Biophysics Symposium that will be held at Kyongju, Korea, from May 22 to 26. Its brochure and forms were published in the web site. Download is welcome. However, a brief announcement is posted in the Chinese version of this letter.

I am also glad to tell you that our society will provide 150,000 NTY to subsidize the travel expenses of students (MS or Ph.D.) and post doctoral fellows. The award is 10,000 for each applicant. Please refer to the web site for detail.

Please circulate this announcement in your laboratory, department, and institute. Thank you and best wishes.

Lou-sing Kan, Secretary General, March 5, 2000